Rebeca & Linkt Craft Kits on QVC!


The brand new Linkt® Crafts Kit design--Athena Necklace--will be available on QVC. Watch live in order to purchase this kit:

Tuesday, September 26
11 am - 1 pm Eastern Time
"Joy of Christmas" Show


The kit features a tool, instructions and enough supplies to make 7 separate necklaces in different color combinations. This kit was made especially for QVC and has a few metal colors not available in any other Linkt® Crafts Kit product. This is a Level 1 Apprentice project, perfect for people at all levels including those with no prior experience.

Introducing Linkt Craft Kits - chainmaille for kids!


I've spent months working on my newest project - Linkt Craft Kits: a new introduction to the historic art of chainmaille. 

I partnered with the prestigious toy company Neat-Oh! International to bring these kits to fruition. Together, we developed new materials and patent-pending tools to introduce kids as young as 8 to chainmaille. 

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